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Visit Your Legislators

Whether at home in the district or in Washington, DC, your Senators and Representatives love to hear from you.  OTA staff is happy to help you set up a meeting with your Senator or Representative, and give you all the resources you need for a successful meeting. Email Allison Rice, Government Affairs Associate, to help you set up a meeting. 

Hill Visits 101

Visiting your Senator or Representative may at first seem intimidating, but they really do want to hear from you!  OTA has prepared a “how to” guide with everything you need to know in order to have the most successful visit with your Congress member.

Leave-behinds for the meeting

Show up prepared with details about the organic footprint in your district or state, bring the latest Organic Report newsletter, and brush up with OTA’s one-pagers on current topics.

Engagement Coordinator, Government Affairs & Member Working Groups
(202) 403-8644