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Types of Membership


The Organic Trade Association has two categories of membership: 

Trade members govern the association. Only North American-based (U.S., Canada and Mexico) businesses or organizations engaged in the production, distribution, certification, or promotion of certified organic products and the services required to produce them are eligible for Trade Membership. Trade members receive OTA member benefits and one vote.
Associate members include businesses, organizations, and individuals who are not eligible for Trade Membership but who are supportive of principles consistent with those of organic agriculture. Businesses and organizations without an office in North America and those who receive no direct sales from the organic industry are only eligible for associate membership. Associate members receive OTA member benefits but do not have voting privileges.

OTA also has a special membership category for small-scale organic farmers. The Farmstead Membership enables smaller organic farmers who have current membership with one of the participating organizations belonging to OTA's Farmers Advisory Council (FAC) to obtain a full OTA membership with all associated benefits for a minimal fee. 

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