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Member List

OTA members represent the huge diversity and the entire supply chain of today’s organic industry – small and large organic farmers of all types, local and national organic processors, regional and country-wide organic distributors, mom-and-pop organic stores and organic retail chains.

Organic products represented include organic foods, raw commodities, ingredients and beverages, as well as organic fibers, personal care products, pet foods, nutritional supplements, household cleaners and flowers. For more detailed information about the products and services offered by OTA members, or how to contact them, please use Find.Organic directory.

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Hella Nuts, LLC
Heritage Poultry Management Services, Inc
Homestead Member Andrew Martino
Homestead Member Colin O'Neil
Homestead Member Julianne Stafford
Honorary Member David Gagnon
Honorary Member Kathleen Merrigan
Honorary Member Linda Lutz
Honorary Member Miles McEvoy
Honorary Member Nora Pouillon
Honorary Member Tessa Young