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Dues Level Annual Organic Sales * Dues
$100,000 or less $360
$100,001 up to 1 million $600
$1-2.5 million $1,375
$2.5-5 million $2,400
$5-10 million $3,400
$10-15 million $5,400
$15-30 million $7,400
$30-50 million $11,000
$50-75 million $14,750
$75-100 million $17,000
$100-150 million $20,000
$150-200 million $23,000
$200-300 million $26,250
$300-400 million $27,750
$400-500 million $29,000
$500-600 million $32,000
$600 million-1 billion $35,000
$1billion-2 billion $40,000

For annual organic sales above $2 billion, add $5,000 for each additional $1 billion (e.g., $3 billion is $50,000, $4 billion is $55,000, etc.). If you fall into this category, please contact or call 802-275-3819 to complete the form.


*NOTE: If your company's organic sales are less than $1 million but your total sales (combined conventional and organic) are over $5 million, your membership dues are $2,400.
Associate Membership: Non-Voting
For businesses and organizations outside of North America and those which receive no direct sales from the organic industry.
Dues Level Associate Member Type Dues
  International Business Associate – For companies outside of North America Use the “Annual Organic Sales” dues schedule referenced above.
Business Associate: For companies that receive no direct sales from the organic industry
$100,000 or less $600
$100,001-1 million $750
$1-5 million $1,500
$5-15 million $3,400
Provisional Membership: For companies in early stages of development or with organic certification pending. $360
Government Associate: For government agencies with membership constraints. $360
Non-Profit Associate: For organizations supportive of principles consistent with organic agriculture and products. $360

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This information will be published on the OTA web site in The Organic Pages to describe your company. If applying for trade membership, you must state your organic products.

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OTA Member forums offer members a convenient means of exchanging ideas and information via e-mail list serves. As an OTA member you can subscribe to any or all of the forums for no additional fee. View forum options and sign up here:


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Your OTA membership will renew one year from the end of the quarter in which you've paid and an invoice will be sent at that time. OTA dues are tax deductible as a business expense. US members note: 10% lobbying portion must be reported as an after tax expense.
Note: BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT - Please review and print this application for your records by selecting File, Print. If the submit process does not work, you can fax this copy to (802) 275-3801 Attn: Membership Department.