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All Things Organic Conference

Held in conjunction with Natural Products Expo East, the All Things Organic Conference delivers a thought-provoking program with critical information on the issues that impact your organic business. Speakers address a range of topics with the latest data and insights about the industry and so much more.

See below for info on our 2019 Conference Sessions. Expo East 2020 has been canceled; More details on 2021 programming coming soon! 

If you are interested in submitting a topic suggestion, please contact Angela Jagiello

2019 Conference Sessions

Thursday, September 12

Pittsburgh Preview: National Organic Standards Board Fall Agenda Overview – Thursday 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.| Key Ballroom 5
The National Organic Standards Board is a volunteer advisory board that meets semi-annually to discuss issues and make recommendations to USDA on issues relating to organic, including the materials and practices permitted in organic production. This is your opportunity to learn about the issues and how to effectively advocate for a strong organic standard.

Digging into Organic Dairy – Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.| Key Ballroom 6
At nearly 14% of the total market for U.S. organic products, dairy is a major driver of dollar and volume sales in organic. But for a second year running, the category has struggled to maintain positive growth. Hear about new groundbreaking research, the consumer trends and market factors affecting this sector, product innovations poised to bring excitement to the category, and regulatory developments in this iconic organic set.

Organic 201: Labeling claims for non-food products – Thursday 2:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m. | Key Ballroom 5
Shoppers choose to shop with you because they trust you to curate an assortment of high quality products with strong organic integrity. But labeling requirements are very different when it comes to non-food organic products such as fiber, personal care and household cleaners. Don’t get lost in the gray area! Spend an hour with our panel of experts to understand the labeling landscape and know what to look for to assure you are providing a full complement of trusted of organic products throughout.  

Friday, September 13

Of Plants & Plastics - Friday 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. | Key Ballroom 6
The role of plastics in agricultural production
There’s a lot of conversation around plastics in packaging. But from mulch to pots for seedlings and the houses where they are grown, there’s a lot of plastic in modern agricultural production. We’ll explore the specifics through the lens of innovation and continuous improvement in organic production.

Exploring Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice – Friday 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | Key Ballroom 6
Food Sovereignty – which envisions an empowered role in production and policy for those who grow, distribute and consume food, and Environmental Justice – the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies – are two related concepts that can be advanced by organic. Our panel of environmental and food activists will explore the concepts, and discuss initiatives that respect those who grow, consume, and reside adjacent to organic agriculture.

The Organic Center Presents: Soil & Climate Connection – Friday 1:00 p.m. -2:15 p.m. | Key Ballroom 6
The food system is in a dangerous predicament—it's a significant contributor to one of its own biggest threats—climate change. Fortunately, just as poor land-management practices are contributors to climate change, use of good on-farm practices can actually lead to climate change mitigation. Organic farming is poised to be part of the climate change solution. This session will share results from The Organic Center’s ongoing research on how organic management techniques foster healthier soils and sequester more carbon, leading to more resilient crops and greater yields.

Organic International Trade Briefing – Friday 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. | Key Ballroom 5
Organic is an international affair. This session will begin with a grounding in updated trade data before moving into a conversation around current and anticipated barriers to trade in the form of changing regulations, tariffs, and U.S. policies that eschew participation in trade agreements. The panel will discuss fraud prevention and the international monitoring and enforcement that ensures trust in the organic seal. We will also discuss the present and future state of organic equivalence arrangements. 

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