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Webinar Archive

Member Benefit Series

Organic 101

New to the organic industry? Join us to learn the basics of what the organic label does (and doesn’t) mean, how it is enforced, and why it is the gold standard for food the world around.

  • Presenters:
  • Johanna Mirenda, Farm Policy Director, Organic Trade Association
  • Mike Dill, Food Safety & Compliance Manager, Organically Grown Company
  • Ann Marie Hourigan, Quality Standards Principal Advisor for Agricultural Programs, Whole Foods Market
  • Nate Powell-Palm, Farmer/Rancher, Cold Springs Organics

Getting the Most Out of Your OTA Membership

If you've joined Organic Trade Association in the past year, or if it's been a while since you've engaged, you've come to the right place! During this fast paced Webinar, we'll introduce you to the people and programs behind your trade association, so you can maximize your investment, and position your business for success.

  • Presenters:
  • Cassandra Christine, Director of Industry Relations, Membership, and Development, Organic Trade Association
  • Bob Kaake, Organic & Natural Technical Director, General Mills
  • Mark Squire, President, Good Earth Natural Foods

Meet Your Board of Directors at the Virtual Annual Meeting

Join CEO / Executive Director Laura Batcha for a virtual follow up to Organic Trade Association's Annual Meeting. You'll hear about the strategic priorities the Board of Directors have set for the organization, and meet its newest members.

  • Presenter:
  • Laura Batcha, CEO / Executive Director, Organic Trade Association


Government Affairs Series

The 2018 Farm Bill Passed. Now What?

The President recently signed a new farm bill into law. This historic legislation received overwhelming bipartisan support from Congress and included many important advancements for organic agriculture. Please join the Organic Trade Association for a webinar on the 2018 Farm Bill and its impacts for the organic sector. This webinar will include an overview of the organic provisions in the farm bill. We will explore other programs of importance to the organic sector contained in the bill, such as hemp, urban agriculture, and export development. We will also discuss the next steps on farm bill implementation, and identify questions, priorities, opportunities for engagement and answer your questions. 

  • Presenters:
  • Megan DeBates, Director of Legislative Affairs and Coalitions, Organic Trade Association
  • Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs, Organic Trade Association
  • Katie Naessens, Professional Staff, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry

US Organic Grain – How to Keep It Growing

Elizabeth Reaves of the Sustainable Food Lab and Jedediah Beach of FarmSmart will review the highlights of a new research paper published in partnership with the Organic Trade Association. We’ll provide an overview of the current state of organic grain production in the US, and identify the challenges and potential industry solutions needed to help farmers transition to organic and ensure long-term productivity and profitability for organic farmers to keep organic growing.

  • Presenters:
  • Johanna Mirenda, Farm Policy Director, Organic Trade Association
  • Elizabeth Reaves, Senior Program Director, Sustainable Food Laboratory
  • Jedediah Beach, Farmer, FarmSmart

NOSB Outlook for the Produce Community

Join Organic Trade Association's regulatory team for a produce-focused briefing on the issues before the National Organic Standards Board at its spring meeting (Seattle April 24-26), and for the fall review cycle.

  • Presenters:
  • Johanna Mirenda, Farm Policy Director, Organic Trade Association
  • Lynn Coody, Organic Produce Wholesalers Coalition
  • Mike Dill, Organic Produce Wholesalers Coalition

Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions

Following an extensive pilot project to detect and prevent fraud in the global organic supply chain, Organic Trade Association has launched a comprehensive program and toolkit for the organic community. Learn about the best practices in fraud prevention to keep your supply chain strong from seed to shelf.

  • Presenter:
  • Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs, Organic Trade Association

Retail Intel: Best Labeling Practices for Organic Non-Food Products

Shoppers trust retailers to offer high quality products with strong organic integrity. Labeling requirements are very different when it comes to non-food organic products such as fiber, personal care and household cleaners. Don’t get lost in the gray area! Spend an hour with Gwendolyn Wyard and Angela Jagiello to understand the labeling landscape and know what to look for to assure you are providing a full complement of trusted of organic products throughout your shop.

  • Presenters:
  • Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President of Regulatory & Technical Affairs, Organic Trade Association
  • Angela Jagiello, Director of Education and Insights, Organic Trade Association

The Organic Center Presents

Organic's Impact on Human Health

The more we learn about the adverse effects of toxic and persistent agricultural inputs on eaters, farmworkers and their families, the clearer the connection becomes between organic food and agriculture and lower cancer risks. Dr. Jessica Shade, The Organic Center's Director of Science Programs, will discuss several groundbreaking studies with their respected authors.

  • Presenters:
  • Jessica Shade, PhD, Director of Science Programs, The Organic Center
  • Asa Bradman, PhD, Associate Director of Exposure Assessment, University of California - Berkeley
  • Kendra Klein, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, Friends of the Earth

Citrus Greening Disease - the Quest for an Organic Management Solution

Citrus Greening is a devastating disease affecting citrus around the world – though Florida citrus has been particularly hard hit. Infected trees are unable to extract the nutrients they need from soil, resulting in severely compromised yields and fruit that is unsuitable for sale. Until now, most of the protocols used to fight the spread of the disease have not been compliant with organic regulations. The Organic Center has collaborated with University of Florida researchers to publish a study that outlines a rigorous, multi-faceted approach to protecting citrus trees in organic systems. The paper is based on a review of existing literature, previously unpublished research and grower observations. Our panel of experts will discuss the effect Citrus Greening Disease has had on the Florida citrus industry (especially in organic), and will give a high-level overview of the paper’s findings.

  • Presenters:
  • Amber Sciligo, PhD, Science Program Manager, The Organic Center
  • Ellen Cochrane, PhD, University of Florida

The Benefits of Organic Dairy

Learn about a new study published in Public Health Nutrition, by Emory University, in collaboration with The Organic Center, which shows that choosing organic is an easy way to avoid pesticide, antibiotic, and synthetic growth hormone residues in milk. Researchers tested conventional and organic milk from store shelves across 9 regions of the U.S. and found that a majority of conventional milk samples tested positive for residues of antibiotics and currently used controversial pesticides, while organic milk tested clean.

  • Presenter:
  • Jessica Shade, PhD, Director of Science Programs, The Organic Center

The Biodiversity Calculator - A Simple Tool for Tracking & Managing Biodiversity for NOP Compliance

Presented September 25, 2019

Biodiversity is critical for healthy, functioning organic farms, and is central to the NOP Guidance on Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation. However, the burden of designing and implementing biodiversity plans still falls on the farmer. This workshop will highlight a new, farmer-friendly tool that can aid farmers in technical decisions to increase on-farm biodiversity and comply with the new guidance.

  • Presenters:
  • Jessica Shade, PhD., Director of Science Programs, The Organic Center
  • John Quinn, PhD., Associate Professor of Biology, Furman University

International Affairs Series

Best Practices in Social Marketing

Social marketing strategy is an important part of any company's overall marketing mix. Organic Trade Association and Edelman have new findings to share about the best ways to design and implement meaningful social media campaigns for organic products. We'll also spend some time discussing the intricacies of designing social media campaigns for international audiences. You won't want to miss a moment of this helpful presentation.

  • Presenters:
  • Alexis Carey, International Trade Manager, Organic Trade Association
  • Kelly Taveras, Digital Specialist, Organic Trade Association
  • Matt Streit, Senior Vice President, Edelman

If you're a member of the Organic Trade Association and interested in view the slides from any of our completed webinars, please email Libby Mucciarone. If you are not a member, please email Danielle Cote for more information about membership. 


Angela Jagiello
Director of Education & Insights
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