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BUYER PROFILES - Buyers Mission - Expo West 2015

Products of Interest: SWEET AND SAVOURY SNACKS: Fruit snacks; Chips and crisps; Extruded snacks; Tortilla and corn chips; Nuts; Other sweet and savoury snacks. SAUCES, DRESSINGS AND CONDIMENTS: Tomato pastes and purees; Herbs and spices; Salad dressings. DRIED PROCESSED FOOD: Rice. SNACK BARS. BABY FOOD. OILS AND FATS: Olive oil; Vegetable and seed oil; Cooking fats; Spreadable oils and fats; Functional spreadable oils and fats. FUNCTIONAL DRINKS. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICE: 100% juice. TEA (READY TO DRINK): Still (ready to drink) tea; Carbonated (ready to drink) tea. FOOD INGREDIENTS: Antioxidant; Baby food (only as ingredient); Batter; Beans & legumes and products (ingredient); Beverage Base and Concentrate (ingredient); Chocolate, cocoa (only as ingredient); Corn and corn product; Emulsifiers (allows ingredients to mix); Enzymes; Essential oils; Extracts; Fats & oils; Fiber, dietary; Flavors; Flours; Fragrances; Fruit (raw, processed, dehydrated or frozen); Grains and grain-based products; Herb and botanicals; Honey; Juices; Leavening agents; Meat substitutes; Nutraceuticals; Nuts or nut pastes; Oats and oat products; Particles (for flavor, texture, color); Popcorn; Rice or rice product; Seeds; Soy and soy products; Spices & seasonings; Sunflower and products; Vanilla; Vegetables; Wheat and wheat products.