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Good Organic Retail Practices 2022 Guide

Getting to know Organic Shoppers

Organic shoppers make up about 89 million people! While 10% of the overall population are leaders of purchasing organic products, another 25% purchase some organic products, but not necessarily across all categories. There is a huge opportunity to extend this 25% of shoppers to purchase organic products in other categories. As you probably know by now, trust in the organic label is paramount in swaying these shoppers.

Organic shoppers tend to be younger than the general population; 45% are under 40. Organic shoppers’ household incomes are about 8% higher than the general population. They are also 11% more likely than the general population to have a college degree, and 15% more likely to have children living with them.

  • Top motivations of organic shoppers:
  • Organic shoppers care about the environment and want to protect themselves, their families and the planet.
  • Organic shoppers do not want the 700+ pesticides and processing chemicals that are prohibited by the USDA organic seal in the products they are buying.
  • Organic shoppers want to avoid genetically modified ingredients.


  • Messages that appeal to shoppers about the organic standards: 
  • USDA organic has countless scientists developing better, more efficient means of organic agriculture so we can feed the planet.
  • USDA organic has tireless advocates and passionate experts helping shape the organic certification process to keep the standards resilient and relevant.
  • The USDA organic standards team monitors organic regulations and makes balanced recommendations for progress.

As a retailer you can help preserve shoppers' trust in organic by maintaining organic integrity throughout your retail estbalishments. Clear labeling and signage are key to take a close look at in order to help shoppers best understand what they are buying.


Signage & Marketing Materials 

Signage should relate to what you are selling! As a best practice, signage should refer to what products are in proximity to the sign. For example, a large sign that says “Organic” should only be placed adjacent to organic products otherwise this may confuse shoppers and unintentionally cause them to believe non-organic products are organic. 

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