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Organic PAC

Thank you for your interest in supporting the only Political Action Committee dedicated to advancing organic agriculture and trade. Everyone along the organic supply chain, from farmers, to small businesses, to brand executives, can support Organic PAC. There are many reasons to give back to the industry that supports you, but in short, your contribution helps us to have a seat at the table. We bring your stories and the success of the organic industry to the attention of policymakers so they can make decisions that enable organic to thrive. Building relationships with policymakers helps to advance real progress for the organic sector. 

If you work for an OTA member company that has granted Organic PAC prior authorization OR your business is a sole propietership or an LLC,  you are eligible to support the OTA Organic PAC today. Enter your email and password below to contribute today. 

If you work for an OTA member company that holds a corporate tax status, you can support Organic PAC by granting prior authorization or by joining OTA as a homestead member.

The Federal Election Commission requires company leaders to provide written prior approval before the Organic PAC can work with you to raise funds from your employees. We must have your company's prior approval form first− it’s the law. But it's also incredibly easy to fill out. By signing the prior approval form, you’re making a significant impact on the welfare of our industry. You can be proud of what our industry and Organic PAC have already accomplished together, and we are just getting started. Our foundation is strong, and it’s time to build a PAC that will protect the future of our industry.

Interested in receiving PAC updates throughout the year? Completing the Prior Approval Form also automatically signs you up to receive the PAC Flash - a quarterly electronic newsletter covering all things organic PAC!

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