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Research & Market Analysis

COTA’s research program works to provide in-depth background information and analysis on various segments of the Canadian organic sector. COTA collects data on organic acreage and on the number of organic producers in the country, while collaborating with industry leaders on an ad hoc basis to assess critical organic issues and respond to the sector’s priorities. 

National Market Report

In 2013, COTA published a comprehensive Canada organic market analysis. This in-depth publication provides the most up-to-date overview of Canadian organic agriculture and the organic market, combining consumer research with sales data to provide valuable insight into market size, growth trends and Canadian consumers. 

The detailed report, "Canada's Organic Market, 2013-Growth, Trends and Opportunities" is available for purchase; see all purchasing options. Contact Jill Guerra to inquire. Detailed reports for the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are also available. You can access the Executive Summary and national highlights in English and in French. 

COTA is currently working on an updated Canadian Organic Market Report to be released in 2017. Get the report as soon as it is released by pre-ordering your copy today! Pricing options listed above. Stay tuned for more information on this publication. 

Consumer Data 

In 2016, COTA commissioned an organic consumer Ipsos poll looking at organic puchasing patterns related to region, age, household type and more. This data will be incorporated into our upcoming Organic Market Report. 
A press release was issued on Wednesday, September 13th containing some teaser data in advance of the Report. See press release here.

Annual Canadian Organic Production Statistics 

COTA partners with COG, certifying bodies, and regional groups to compile annual Canadian organic production statistics. COTA's data collection and analysis produce a 'best estimate' of Canadain organic production. The 2015 collection was the first to include data from all Certification Bodies.  We commit to improving and streamlineing the data collection process to produce the most robust data possible. 
COTA estimates revealed 5,053 certified organic operations in Canada operating on 2.43 million acres of land in 2015. These operations included 4,045 primary producers, 618 livestock operations and 1,542 processors.  See the info sheet for details: 

Praire Organic Report

In collaboration with the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, COTA compiles Prairie organic production data each year. The report presents estimated operator numbers and acreage for the major Prairie crops. Check out the most recent report released in 2017:

IFOAM - Canada Chapter 

COTA leads the official submission for Canada in the annual “World of Organic Agriculture” published by IFOAM and FiBL every year. See the most recent report for COTA's submission (page 264):

Organic and ecological seed market analysis 

COTA has released the first comprehensive study on the organic and ecological seed market in Canada, conducted in partnership with the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, a project of USC Canada. The study shows the current value of organic and ecological seed in Canada at over $78 million per year, including $28 million in vegetable seed and $20 million in purchased field crop seed. The research also reaffirms the value and importance of saved seed for organic farms, at over $30 million per year, and recommends public policy to support the continued growth of the organic sector, including the practice of seed-saving. 
Download the report:


Jill Guerra
Research & Special Projects Coordinator
(613) 482-1717