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Rise of the mindful (organic) shopper

March 15, 2015

Vancouver mom Caitlin Adam wants the best for her children and worries that conventional produce may contain pesticides or Genetically Modified Organisms that she can avoid by buying organic.

Investing in our future: Why the time is right for an organic check-off

March 2, 2015

Food Navigator USA: Investing in our future: Why the time is right for an organic check-off

A Long Road to Hoe for Safer Food

February 10, 2015

Food Safety Magazine: Food safety has never been a more critical issue for the entire food industry. The increasingly common outbreaks of foodborne illnesses over the past decade have led to a growing concern surrounding the safety of our food. 

New Science Confirms: If You Eat Organic You’ll be Exposed to Fewer Pesticides

February 5, 2015

Civil Eats: The largest study to look at organophosphate exposure in humans sets the stage for vital research into the health effects of pesticides.

Organic Industry Considers Check-off

February 2, 2015

Progressive Grocer: Proposal would assess the gross annual sales of an organic operation.

Organic check-off campaign could defend sales of organic products against those making "lesser claims”

February 2, 2015

Food Navigator: The need for an organic check off program is growing as consumer confusion about “lesser claims,” such as “natural,” and an emerging preference for “local” threaten sales of organic products, an executive at the Organic Trade Association says. 

Growing Organic Cereal From the Ground Up

January 29, 2015

Civil Eats: These days, consumers expect organic food manufacturers to pay close attention to how ingredients are sourced. But, one company has taken the process a step further.

Nationwide USDA Organic Survey Underway: Study of Organic Agriculture Production will Help Develop Programs for Producers

January 27, 2015

USDA: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) just kicked off the Organic Survey to gather detailed data on U.S. organic agriculture production.

Organic farmers move toward check-off

January 22, 2015

Iowa Farmer Today: The air is cold and crisp today on Roger Lansink’s Sac County farm. Everything seems crystal clear. But, in the world of organic agriculture, one thing is still a little murky. The industry is discussing whether to establish an organic checkoff, and if it does, just how that checkoff might work.

Seeds: The Heart of Organic Innovation with OTA Member Matthew Dillon of Seeds Matter / Clif Bar Foundation

January 21, 2015

Civil Eats: Matthew Dillon learned a tough lesson about seeds early in his career. Dillon was the executive director of the Abundant Life Seed Foundation at the time.