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Grains Council

Acting on a recommendation from its Community Relations Committee, OTA’s Board of Directors has approved establishing an OTA Grain, Pulse and Oilseed Council. Currently, organic grain shortages, both for food and animal feed, have forced companies to import large amounts of organic grain and limit new product development due to concerns about insufficient ingredient supplies. Recently, a handful of organic companies have been working together in a pre-competitive effort to increase the domestic supply of organic grain. The Board vote now brings this initiative in-house as a new OTA sector council. The OTA Grain, Pulse and Oilseed Council will serve as a forum for the industry to address issues pertaining to organic grain, oilseeds, and pulses, and allow the many OTA members who depend on these ingredients to contribute to problem-solving. So far, participating members include General Mills, Grain Millers, Stonyfield, Organic Valley, Nature’s Path, Whole Foods, Pete and Gerry’s Organics, Annie’s, Bay State Milling, Clarkson Grain Company Inc, and Clif Bar. Any OTA member, falling within the defined scope of the Council, may join the new initiative. If you are interested in joining OTA's Grain, Pulse, and Oilseed Council, please contact Johanna Mirenda.

Crop Budgeting Tool

The U.S. Organic Grain Collaboration, a special project of the Organic Trade Association’s Grain, Pulse and Oilseed Council, has developed crop budgeting templates to help farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana plan future organic crop production and understand the economic impacts of their agronomic practices. Learn more about the project and download the worksheets below.

Montana Budgeting Tool North + South Dakota Budgeting Tool

Annual Reports

2018 Grain, Pulse, and Oilseed Council Report to OTA Board 2017 Grain, Pulse, and Oilseed Council Report to OTA Board 2016 Grain, Pulse, and Oilseed Council Report to OTA Board

2018 meetings

  • Policy Conference - Thursday, May 24
  • Natural Products Expo East - Friday, September 14 @ 11:30am-1:30pm EST

Johanna Mirenda
Farm Policy Director
(202) 812-7704