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Award Honorees

Bob Anderson, Sustainable Strategies—Advisers in Food and Agriculture

2018 : Growing the Organic Industry

Bob Anderson headshot

Receiving the Growing the Organic Industry leadership Award will be Bob Anderson of Sustainable Strategies—Advisers in Food and Agriculture. Bob first became active in organic by operating the Walnut Acres brand for 30 years beginning in 1969. A long-time organic pioneer, he was the longest-serving chair of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Standards Board. Over his career, he has championed organic standards, helped grow organic businesses, and served domestically and internationally as an ambassador for organic.

Bob believes in standards as the cornerstone of the organic marketplace. In policymaking circles, it is invaluable to have Bob at the table because he knows the organic business from soils to sales. “We want him in the room, and organic growers—even those who have never met him—are fortunate to have him on their side,” wrote Karen Ross, California Department of Food and Agriculture, in endorsing Bob for the award.

She added, “Bob helps his colleagues through customs on yet another trade mission; he delves into the differences between the rules for exporting to Japan and Germany; he injects a timely bit of common sense into a discussion of certification paperwork—and a thousand other things, day-in and day-out. But most importantly, no matter the outcome, those who have the privilege of working with Bob end the day wanting to work with him again.”