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Award Honorees

Bob Quinn , Kamut

2010 : Organic Leadership Award for Achievement in Growing Organic Agriculture

Involved in organic agriculture since the 1970s, Quinn has devoted his career to building the "Kamut® Khorasan wheat" brand, a new organic crop which has become an organic stand-alone grain product as well as an ingredient in other organic breads and grain products. He has promoted organic agriculture throughout his home state of Montana, encouraging other farmers to go organic, and had has worked with his local land grant university to develop research helpful to organic agriculture. He has also introduced organic agricultural products and encouraged organic production in other countries. Quinn’s company, Kamut® International, has been a member of OTA since 1998, and Quinn has contributed to OTA’s public policy efforts.

Pointing out that buying organic food may mean paying a little more at the cash register and a lot less at the doctor’s office, Quinn says, “We were put in this world to change the world—the only thing that matters is that we change it for the good.”