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Award Honorees

Britt Lundgren, Stonyfield

2022 : Climate Action


Another first this year, the Organic Climate Action Award has been established to recognize those who demonstrate exemplary leadership in advancing organic solutions to mitigate climate change. Britt Lundgren, Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at Stonyfield Organic, leads the company’s efforts to reduce emissions from agriculture, particularly from dairy, and advocating for federal policies supporting organic farmers in becoming part of the solution to climate change. She is currently Secretary on the Organic Trade Association’s Board of Directors.

During the past five years, a major focus of her work has been supporting the development, funding and launch of OpenTEAM — the first open-source technology ecosystem in the world to address soil health and mitigate climate change. OpenTEAM is intended to revolutionize the way farmers of all types and sizes--including organic farms—access site-specific decision support on how to improve soil health on their operations and track the results. OpenTEAM is led by Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, and is currently being trialed by farms of all types around the country, including 10 farms in Stonyfield’s direct milk supply program. Britt is passionate about developing tools that streamline and merge organic certification recordkeeping with information producers need to participate in carbon markets, so organic producers have an easier entry into these emerging markets.