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Award Honorees

Peggy Sutton, To Your Health Sprouted Flour

2017 : Rising Star

Peggy Sutton, Rising Star Organic

Peggy Sutton of To Your Health Sprouted Flour will receive the Rising Star Organic Leadership Award. Before building one of the organic industry’s latest trends, Peggy Sutton of To Your Health Sprouted Flour was an innovator and health-conscious, family-focused home cook. Now, she is an expert in the field of sprouting organic flours and grains. In 2005, Peggy resurrected this ancient method in her kitchen. Today, her business employs 30 people, 28 of whom reside in Bullock County Alabama, where To Your Health Sprouted Flour is based, in one of the most economically poor counties in the state.

Peggy has demonstrated personal commitment and vision as an emerging leader in the organic sector through product innovation, community education, economic impact, and commitment to growing organic acres. Her company has committed to sourcing the grains from Alabama farmers. In doing so, she has taken on the challenges of helping long-time conventional farmers transition, creating a market for their organic grains, and compressing costs of businesses by helping farmers sell directly processors. This has helped eliminate some of the anxiety transition brings.

“Peggy has been instrumental in educating thousands of people (including us at Kashi) about the benefits of organic sprouted grains for both people and the planet,” said David Uzzell of Kashi. He added, “She is not only a leader in spreading the word of organic sprouted grains, but is also a leader in her home town. She intentionally keeps her operations local, hires workers and is committed to supporting her community.”

Peggy’s company To Your Health Sprouted Flour is a long-standing member of the Organic Trade Association, and participates in export activities in Europe and Asia.