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Krystal Mack

Krystal Mack is an Autistic Black woman born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Krystal’s lived experiences speak through her practice. One of the traits of her Autism is impaired interoception, which poses a challenge when identifying physical pain, hunger, and thirst. This neurological delay has been an obstacle throughout her life; it has also mediated her relationship with food and nature in a way that allows her to embrace the layers of her identity and use them as a conduit for conversational design. Krystal began her practice as a chef and now approaches this work as a food designer, social practice artist, and herbalist, maintaining regard for African diasporic foodways and following the intuitive ancestral wisdom of the Earth. Krystal uses food design to construct spaces for dialogue and inquiry into the cultivation, or lack thereof, of sustainable and accessible practices supporting or hindering reparative futures for marginalized communities.


Area of Expertise: applying a social design lens to food, creating interdisciplinary culinary work that centers food as a vehicle for sociopolitical education and reparation.