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General Mills Partners with Organic Valley to Help Conventional Dairy Farms Transition to Certified Organic

June 10, 2016

Program will drive more acres in the U.S. into the organic certification process and builds on the company's commitment to double organic acreage

Organic ag ‘hotspots’ boost local economies

June 8, 2016

Organic production and processing “hotspots” provide an added boost to local economies, a new analysis concludes.

“U.S. Organic Hotspots and Their Benefit to Local Economies,” an analysis of three previous independent studies by Penn State Agriculture Economist Edward Jaenicke, found organic agriculture has a bigger impact on local economies than previously suspected.

USDA Interview with Monique Marez, OTA's Associate Director of International Trade

June 7, 2016

Monique Marez, Associate Director, International Trade, discusses managing foreign access programs and working on technical assistance for specialty crop producers.

Study shows unexpected effect of organic hotspots on local economies

June 2, 2016
Organic farming has a startling positive effect on local economies — so much that the author of a study on the subject said “it almost seems too good to be true.”

OTA pushes for strengthened organic seed sourcing as a next step in creating seed purity standard

May 4, 2016

USDA should strengthen organic seed sourcing practices as part of a multifaceted approach to prevent unintentional contamination of organic crops with genetically modified organisms, the Organic Trade Association argues in comments submitted to the National Organic Standards Board.

From cropland to chicken coops, organic manufacturers get their hands dirty to anticipate looming shortage

April 28, 2016

Companies from Chipotle to Costco are creatively coming up with ways to keep their organic supplies steady, but mid-sized, natural category veterans are concerned about the big fish jumping into a small and shrinking pond.

FDA to Extend Comment Period on Request for Scientific Data, Information, and Public Comments on Assessing the Risk of Human Illness Associated with Raw Manure as Fertilizer

April 21, 2016

In response to multiple requests from stakeholders, the FDA is extending the comment period for public input to assist FDA in its plan to develop a risk assessment evaluating the risk of human illness associated with the consumption of produce grown in fields on which raw manure (or other untreated biological soil amendments of animal origin) is used as fertilizer.

Why Organic Restaurant Certification Matters

April 19, 2016

To raise accountability, more restaurants are taking the extra step of getting their entire business—not just certain menu items—certified as organic.

CJ’s Premium Spices named national competition finalist

April 19, 2016

CJ’s Premium Spices, LLC is a finalist in the American Small Business Championship and will compete for a $25,000 grand prize.

GOTS gets tough on false organic fibre claims

April 11, 2016

The Global Organic Textile Standard - or GOTS - is stepping up its efforts to clamp down on what it says are "rampant" mislabelling and false 'organic' claims in the apparel sector.