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The Organic Center unveils newly re-designed website

Site highlights the science behind organic for consumers and others

Jessica Shade, Ph.D
(202) 403-8517
Washington , DC
September 9, 2013
) — 

The Organic Center today unveiled its newly re-designed website——which aims to “Bring You the Science Behind Organic.”

“The Organic Center has made great strides this year in stepping up efforts to communicate the latest science showing the benefits of organic food and farming. This re-designed website will help consumers, policymakers, the media and scientists access and better understand findings that shed light on the health and environmental benefits of organic practices,” said Christine Bushway, Executive Director and CEO of The Organic Trade Association.

Since coming on board as The Center’s Director of Science Programs in mid-February, Jessica Shade, Ph.D., has been actively building scientific resources for the organic community and developing ways to communicate the findings of credible, peer-reviewed science and research exploring the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming. The Generations of Organic website reflects the results of The Center’s evolving work, and will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the most current research in the organic sector.

“Our website is full of science-focused, community-oriented content, so it is ideal for individuals with both a background in science and those who are interested in scientific facts but do not have a lot of scientific experience,” explained Dr. Shade. She added, “This website will be the best place for the public to learn about cutting-edge science of interest to the organic community.”

The features of Generations of Organic include:

• Summaries of the most up-to date scientific studies on organic issues such as pesticide avoidance, nutrition, and sustainable farming
• Monthly interviews with scientists doing cutting-edge research on hot-topic issues
• Organic recipes detailing the scientific background of the main ingredients
• A blog about arising topics and areas of organic interest.

In addition to its role in communicating the science behind organic, The Center funds cutting-edge research designed to advance the understanding of the benefits of organic, and ways to improve organic food and farming. Current Organic Center projects will be described in detail on the website, and now include:

• Investigating the effects of organic farming practices on nitrogen pollution
• Finding ways to decrease arsenic uptake in organic rice systems
• Reporting on organic fire blight prevention efforts in tree fruit management.

The Organic Center encourages organic companies, members of the public and the media to add their Generations of Organic website to its list of favorite resources, and to share via social media.

The Organic Center's mission is to convene credible, evidence-based science on the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming, and to communicate the findings to the public. As an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) research and education organization operating under the administrative auspices of the Organic Trade Association, The Center envisions improved health for the Earth and its inhabitants through the conversion of agriculture to organic methods.