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PAC Prior Approval for Solicitation

Organic PAC and the Organic Trade Association must obtain the prior approval of our member companies in order to solicit contributions from certain individuals affiliated with our member companies (i. e., the "restricted class," which includes a corporation's executive personnel and their families, and shareholders and their families). A member company may not approve solicitations by another trade association for the same calendar year. Please enter the information below and “sign” this form to grant Organic PAC and the Organic Trade Association that prior approval. Only through the voluntary contributions of these individuals will Organic PAC have the resources necessary to support candidates for Congress who understand the interests of OTA's members and the organic industry.

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I hereby grant the Organic PAC and OTA permission to solicit the restricted class of the above-named Corporate Member for the following calendar years, and I confirm that a similar prior approval has not been provided by my company to any other trade association for the calendar years designated below:

To select multiple years, type "CTRL + Year".

Verification - Please type your name to act as a signature.

To the best of my knowledge, the information provided is complete and accurate, and I am signing on behalf of the above-named Corporate Member.