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Fiber Sector Council Members

Fiber Council member Marci Zaroff in the MetaWear factory that was the first GOTS-certified ethical manufacturing & dye factory in the U.S.


Chair - Michael Twer
Vice Chair - Angela Wartes-Kahl
Secretary - Sandra Marquardt




All Natural Dog Beds

Mary Hughes

Avocado Green Brands

George Mathew

Control Union

Robert Demianew

Coyuchi, Inc.

Eileen Mockus

Delilah Home

Michael Twer

Dhana, Inc.

Shamini Dhana

ECOfashion Corp / MetaWear

Marci Zaroff


Kriya Stevens

EWB Consulting

Ely Battalen

Fiberactive Organics, LLC

Julie Moore

Gallant International

Vik Giri

Global Organic Textile Standard North America

Lori Wyman

Good Earth Natural Foods

Mark Squire

Harmony Art

Harmony Susalia

Independent Organic Services

Angela Wartes-Kahl

James Wedel Farms

Jimmy Wedel

Japan Organic Cotton Association

Matsumi Sakuyoshi

Jeffco Fibres 

Mark Lorusso

Karlin Strategic Consulting

Marni Karlin

Linda Cabot Design

Linda Cabot

MOM’s Organic Market

Liz Dunn

Naturepedic Organic Mattresses

Barry Cik

On the Mark Public Relations

Sandra Marquardt

OneCert, Inc.

Karlin Warner

Oregon Tilth (OTCO)

Elizabeth Tigan

Organic Cotton Plus 

Kari Morales


Meg Stonebruner Azim

Paramount Textile Mills (P) Ltd. 

Ramu Murugesan

Patagonia Works

Cara Chacon

Pepper Farms

La Rhea Pepper

Ramblers Way

Chris Chappell

Richard D. Siegel Law Offices

Richard Siegel

Sleep On Latex

Karl Shevick

Synergy Clothing

Henry Schwab

Textile Exchange

Lee Tyler


Colleen Vien

Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative

Kelly Pepper

Under the Canopy

Suzanne Woodrow

Under the Nile

Janice Masoud

UStrive Manufacturing

Scott Wilson

Vreseis Ltd.

Sally Fox


Drew Cook

Whole Foods Market

Courtney Mudge

Zestt Organics

Jess Diehl


If you are an OTA Member interested in joining the Fiber Council, please reach out to Gwendolyn Wyard.

Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs 
(503) 798-3294