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Dues Schedule

This page explains the OTA member categories and gives dues pricing information. For a complete membership application click here.

OTA Membership Dues Categories and Levels

OTA has two categories of membership: Trade and Associate

Trade Membership-Voting

Trade members govern the association. Only North American-based (U.S., Canada and Mexico) businesses or organizations engaged in the production, distribution, certification, or promotion of certified organic products and the services required to produce them are eligible for Trade Membership. Trade members receive OTA member benefits and one vote.

Farmstead sub-type is for sole proprietorship farmers who are affiliated with organizations participating in OTA's Farmer's Advisory Council. For this purpose, a farmer is defined as someone who owns or leases an organic farm; has a full-time functional role as an organic farmer, and derives his or her primary income from an organic farm, growing and selling between $1,000 and $250,000 per year in organic agricultural products.

Tip: For annual organic sales above $2 billion, please contact Linda Lutz or call 802-275-3819 to complete the application.

Associate Membership-Non-Voting

Associate members include businesses, organizations, and individuals that are not eligible for Trade Membership but who are supportive of principles consistent with those of organic agriculture. Businesses and organizations without an office in North America and those that receive no direct sales from the organic industry are only eligible for associate membership. Associate members receive OTA member benefits but do not have voting privileges.

Associate Membership-Non-Voting Subtypes
  • International Business Associate - For companies outside of North America.
  • Business Associate - For companies within North America.
  • Government Associate - For government organizations.
  • Non-Profit Associate - For non-profit organizations.
  • Provisional Membership - For companies with organic certification pending and individuals in early stages of business development. No listing in The Organic Pages Online. There is a 12-month time limit on this category, at the end of which the membership must transfer to either the trade or business associate category.
  • Homestead Associate - For existing OTA member contacts to support OTA while enjoying special individual member benefits at home.
  • International Trade Association - For international organizations seeking advice from OTA regarding association governance, operations, and policy; includes access to OTA materials.

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