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OTA is a membership organization, and its Trade members have the opportunity to nominate and elect members of the Board of Directors. We strongly encourage members to take the time each year to exercise their right to vote and participate in this important aspect of OTA’s governance.

Board elections are held annually and Board members are elected or appointed on a staggered basis, as follows:

(2015, 2018, 2021)    Year 1: Four at-large,* one Canada Organic Trade Association representative, one appointed
(2016, 2019, 2022)    Year 2: Four at-large, one Canada Organic Trade Association representative, one appointed
(2017, 2020, 2023)    Year 3: Three at-large, two appointed

  • The Governance Committee serves as the Nominating Committee and presents the Board with a slate of candidates for all open seats  for a vote at the Spring Board of Directors meeting, or at least 120 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.  All nominees must be members in good standing.
  • Members may nominate a candidate at any time of the year and do not need to wait until the weeks prior to the election.
  • Every OTA Trade member in good standing has one vote.
  • Election results are announced in the News Flash and posted on OTA’s website.
  • Each year the elected Board members select the appointed seat(s) after the Board Election and prior to the Board Annual Meeting .

*According to the 2019 ballot language regarding the 2019 Bylaws change, which added a fourth elected seat in Year 1, this fourth seat will remain vacant until the 2021 election.

Learn more about the nominations process

Election of Board Officers

The Board members elect the officers at the Board Annual Meeting, according to the bylaws of the association.  The OTA Board Officers begin their term immediately upon election and are announced at the OTA Annual Member Meeting.