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Sector Councils





OTA has reinstituted a sector council system to build community among groups of members. OTA Sector Councils will provide ongoing opportunities for networking, leadership development, and education. While sector councils will not act as policy-setting groups (that role will remain the focus of OTA task forces), they will communicate sector issues, ideas, and concerns to OTA staff and Board. Additional details on Sector Council resources, requirements to prepare an annual report, opportunities to meet in person, and incentives to recruit new members, are available for download.

Sector Council Operating Guidelines Download Sector Council Request Form Submit Sector Council Request Form Online

Active Sector Councils

Dairy Council Dietary Supplements Council Fiber Council 
Grains, Oilseed, and Pulse Council Retailer Council

Sector Council Application Checklist:

  • Identify at least 7 OTA members committed to participating in our Council
  • Identify at least 1 member who will act as the primary OTA contact until officers are elected
  • Review the Council Operating Guidelines and agree to operate within the outlined requirements if the request for establishment is approved

Member Engagement and Education Manager
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