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Sustainable Palm Oil: A groundbreaking ingredient in the food & beauty industry, when it’s done for the greater good

There was a time when shoppers could only find natural beauty products at their local co-ops, and even people who were committed to buying organic foods wouldn’t have pledged their allegiance to pure personal care. In 2021, there’s a totally different story. Today, 68% of American females purchase natural and organic beauty products, up from 49% in 2008, and these numbers are expected to continue to grow exponentially in this already $16 billion industry.

Organic Citrus Fiber: Mother Nature’s Natural Emulsifier & Water Binder

Citrus fiber is considered the new kid on the block in the hydrocolloid world. Though it provides functionalities such as high water holding and emulsification properties similar to some hydrocolloids, this upcycled fiber is produced from a byproduct of the citrus juicing industry. At the same time, not all citrus fibers are created the same. Some citrus fibers, like Citri-Fi®, contain both insoluble and soluble fiber with high levels of intact pectin.