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Number 1 organic wheat-producing state aims for a bigger voice
January 8, 2015

In a move to elevate the voice of the western organic grain farmer and better connect the organic sector with key organic grain growers and handlers, the 230-member Montana Organic Association voted unanimously last month to join the Organic Trade Association’s Farmers Advisory Council (FAC), becoming the newest farmer-governed association to form a strategic alliance with OTA.

Ten New Year’s Resolutions from The Organic Center
December 29, 2014

2014 was the year of science supporting the benefits of organic food and farming: for human health, pollinator health, and the health of the environment.

Action by U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes unique needs of organic industry
December 16, 2014

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) announcement today of a proposed rule to exempt more organic farmers and handlers from paying into conventional commodity check-off programs, saying this is an important step that recognizes the organic industry’s unique needs, and lets the industry decide where its dollars are best spent.

Organic Trade Association shares how working together strengthens organic voice
December 5, 2014

Jesse Laflamme says his family's egg business was saved the first time by going organic, and then rescued again when the operation joined forces with the Organic Trade Association (OTA) to fight a regulation that would have had dire implications for its future.

USDA awards OTA $785,000 in market promotion funds for 2015
December 3, 2014

If Taka Yamaguchi has his way, athletes competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be eating organic—an ambitious plan that more than 100 of Japan's top grocery retailers, food importers and distributors learned about at a recent Organic Trade Association (OTA) sponsored seminar in Japan.

OTA says petitions to USDA will continue trend of reducing synthetics in organic food
November 6, 2014

Acting on extensive feedback and input from its members, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) on Thursday filed two petitions with the National Organic Program to amend the National List of substances that can be used in organic production and processing – in one case strengthening the requirement for organic ingredients and in the other, removing a non-organic substance from the list.

OTA launches new Farmstead Membership category
October 21, 2014

The Franklin family has been farming in southern Vermont for nine generations. A family operation with one son helping full-time and two others pitching in on weekends, the certified organic dairy farm stays busy raising and milking some 52 dairy cows, along with producing fresh organic eggs and farm-raised organic beef, and some of the best-tasting organic maple syrup in Vermont.

The Organic Center trustees hear updates on health, soil projects
October 2, 2014

Members of The Organic Center's Board of Trustees gathered at Harvard University this week for their annual retreat and for scientific briefings on collaborative research on organic's impact on the health of humans and the environment.

Success of OTA event demonstrates huge interest in organic
September 26, 2014

A mom shared a picture of her toddler watering their organic vegetable garden, a college student asked about the stringency of organic standards, a diabetic adhering to a gluten-free diet appreciated the organic recipes and an influential Capitol Hill reporter tweeted to her thousands of followers about Organic Palooza.

TOC is leading the effort to find organic solutions for all growers
September 25, 2014

Thanks to donations ranging from $5 to as large as $5,000, The Organic Center has raised $20,417 through its first-ever crowdfunding drive – easily exceeding its goal of $15,000—as part of a major campaign to fund The Center’s research effort to find organic solutions to a devastating disease threatening the nation’s citrus industry.