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Consumer concerns, GMOs, latest trends top OTA’s “All Things Organic” in Baltimore
September 10, 2014

 It’s been a busy year for the organic industry. Record sales in the United States, intensifying competition for the attention of the increasingly savvy organic consumer, and a dogged debate over what organic really stands for have meant a very full plate for the organic community.

September 10, 2014

A new matching grant from RSF Social Financial to The Organic Center will help increase the impact of the public’s contribution to find organic solutions to the devastating citrus disease called citrus greening.

Organic Trade Association to throw first-ever #OrganicFestival on social media
September 3, 2014

It’s party time at the Organic Trade Association. For 10. Straight. Days. And everyone’s invited.

Celebration set for September at American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore
August 7, 2014

A pioneer and tireless teacher of the organic way for more than 40 years, an organic farmer dedicated to making his farming operation a compelling example of a better way to farm, and an environmental engineer who triggered an organic revolution in the mattress and bedding industry will be honored next

Concerns rising about dangerous chemicals being used to ward off disease
July 30, 2014

As concerns rise over the heavy spraying of unhealthy chemicals in many of the most productive citrus regions of the country to fight off a deadly citrus disease, staff members from more than a dozen congressional offices gathered for a briefing on Tuesday to hear from the organic industry on its effor

Study reinforces what millions of consumers already know: organic makes a difference
July 11, 2014

major new study from the United Kingdom finds conclusive evidence that organic crops, and the food made from them, are nutri

Organic growers to get critical help in battling deadly disease
July 8, 2014

On any day, a carton of orange juice can be found in almost 7 out of 10 American refrigerators. Americans drink more than 550 million gallons of orange juice every year with more than 60 million gallons of that juice being organic.

OTA sees pact creating jobs, opportunity for U.S. organic sector
July 1, 2014

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) today welcomed a new organic equivalency arrangement between the United States and Korea, saying it reopens a critically important Asian market for U.S.

Health motivation still top reason to go organic; parents also want to steer clear of GMO
June 26, 2014

Of all the thoughts that race through the mind of a mom or dad as they do the weekly grocery shopping and decide whether to put an organic or non-organic item in the shopping cart, the desire to stay away from foods that have been genetically modified has never been greater.